Question: how many members must be present to vote officers?

In my school, we held a vote in May and it became Null and void b/c the names on the vote were not eligible b/c of our bylaws. So our President, who was in ?, reluctantly held a second election a few weeks later. It just so happened that she chose a Friday at 6pm time slot. Needless to sayonly approx 20 people showed to vote. So she still held the vote and elections were made and some officers were chosen for the 1st time that night. These people were not even on the ballot presiously. Is this legal? We have a membership of approx 75 people and normally about 40 go to the meetings. The night of the 1st vote there were clost to 40-45 people in attendance, which is what usually shows up.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It's legal as long as you had a quorum present (that number should be stated in your bylaws), members had prior notice that elections were being held, and the election didn't violate your bylaws in other ways (ie do your bylaws require candidates to submit their names in advance, or to be chosen by a nominating committee?).

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