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We are trying to make a new pto for next year we are in the process of nomination with a very limited cooperation from our principal. When we ask for a monthly report about the expending or the budget he's always evasive and denied to give that report putting as excuse that he must get permission from he's super intendent. It seems to us that something is been hidd. Not only that the actual pto is only run by teachers that have their own kids in the School,no others parents are involved because their haven't make a public election. How can we change this. Thank you.

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Rose H writes:
Hi there,
This sounds complicated, but certainly manageable. I guess the first thing that needs to get cleared up concerns the existing PTO. Is it a parent group? Can you ask the principal for information about it? It may not be an independent group. It may be an extension of the school. From what you are saying -- that he or the superintendent would have information on the budget -- sounds like this is not an independent group. So, you have a challenge here. The principal may not want a second group. You might want to try to have a sit down with the principal and ask how you can more parents involved and that you feel an independent group, started by and run by parents, would really help build a sense of school community. Try doing this as your first step. We're here to help as you move forward


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