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We often have a specific item on our agenda to discuss. We discuss the item until a formal motion can be taken, then someone seconds the motion and then vote on it. Are we out of order? As the president to I ask for a motion, second and then a vote (or does the discussion part come before the vote). I thought the discussion came before the official motion

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Craig writes:
The discussion comes before the vote. If you want to be formal about it, the order is a motion is made from the floor, then you ask for a second. If the motion is seconded, you have discussion. At some point discussion is closed and you vote. However, the method you use is typical and, in my opinion, fine for PTOs. Really, it's the way we all process information: a topic comes up, we discuss it, then we make a decision. If you start with a motion, that's when you get into more complex use of Robert's Rules -- amending the motion, moving the question, etc. -- which can be confusing even to your regulars and baffling to newcomers.

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