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We run a pizza fundraiser every year and the principal is telling us that the money raised does not belong to our PTO group, but that it belongs to the school because it's a fundraiser done thru school. Does he have any control over that money? Who do the funds belong to?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
If the PTO runs the fundraiser, the money belongs to the PTO. It sounds like the real issue might be that you need to create a better working relationship with the principal. Keep in mind that you need cooperation from the principal to use school time and facilities for the fundraiser, to be able to send flyers and other communications home to the parents, etc. On the other hand, the principal needs the people power supplied by PTO to organize and run the fundraiser (and a wealth of other activities that benefit the school). In the best situation, both PTO and school administration see this as a mutually beneficial relationship. Remind the principal that while the money will be administered by the PTO, your mission is to help the school succeed and you will spend the money toward that goal. Agree in advance on some specific uses for the money. If necessary, you might even agree to donate half of the proceeds to the school so the principal can have control. We have two articles that might help. Make the Principal Your Partner offers tips and advice to create a strong working relationship. Negotiation With the Principal goes into the nitty-gritty of dealing with specific situations. Good luck!

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sburn10 writes:
We can make the check made payable directly to your PTO.

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