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I know there has to be an easier way and more thorough, to track door sales, bake sales and auction sales then weve done. Anyone have any ideas? We are having a Christmas shop fundraiser and will have childrens shop items, adult table items, book table, bake sale and silent auction.... how do i track all that at the door and still maintain good records of who paid what (if needed) and accurate tallies for each area?

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ocdnewbie writes:
PS- Im sorry if there are already answers to this that ive missed... ive gotten lost on here and google brings me nothing

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Craig writes:
I don't think you need to track who paid what for the small items. You should be giving people receipts and if there's a problem, they can produce the receipt.

Set up a pay station in each area -- don't have several volunteers handling the money. One good setup -- one person handles the money while another creates the receipt and makes a record of what was sold. Have them seated at one end of the display table so there's a natural flow.

To track what was sold, create a spread sheet with each item listed and the cost. Then tick off each sale.

For the silent auction, how formal your process needs to be depends to a certain extent how many items you're offering. But one simple and quick way to track information is to write it directly on the bid sheet once the item is sold.

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LauraJan1 writes:
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