Question: 2011 Expos

Just curious - why is there only 1 expo taking place on the west coast? Seems kind of weird....anyone agree?

Asked by mheadley



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi mheadley -- As a former Californian, I'd call it unfortunate, but I'm not sure I'd go all the way to weird. :-) Putting together the expo schedule is a jigsaw puzzle that includes a lot of different factors: finding the right size facilities (surprisingly difficult), dates that all work together (also difficult), places where we think we can get enough attendance, etc. We're always looking at new areas and are definitely interested in knowing where people would like us to go. We did look closely at a few western areas this year, including Phoenix, but couldn't make them work.

Community Advice

mheadley writes:
Bummer, no I am going to stick to weird. :) I understand, but as AZ has SO much new growth, there are new schools (and PTO's) all over the place needing guidance and education. I am Phx area but would be willing to go southern Cali, NV, or NM areas. Maybe next year?? Thanks!!

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