Question: PTO Meetings and Devotions

Is it legal to have devotions at a PTO meeting if we are not a Christian school?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It's not a question of legality, but if your meetings are held at a public school, you should probably follow the same rules the school follows. You're serving the same audience, so you should follow their lead in reaching out to the broadest possible community.

Community Advice

Firefly7071 writes:
Questions that involve religion will always be tough to answer. Most religions have some sort of rituals they feel are self empowering and make them feel good inside and they want to share that with others. The question is "Does it make others feel uncomfortable?" "Does it serve a direct purpose in this event?" If at sunset around the time of most PTA meetings I announced to everyone that it is sunset (al-maghrib) and time for salat, most people would be offended that I was practicing a muslim religion. And it is part of their religion specifically to pray 5 times a day. Now the Christian religion says nowhere that you have to offer a prayer before anyone speaks to a group of people. I say keep religion close to your heart and family. But it is safe to just keep it more personal and out of school. There are too many different religions nowadays, why make some one feel like they are not welcome if they are not part of your religion.

Community Advice

LADONNA writes:
Please check your state law concerning this matter. You can not force someone to accept your religious practices. I am a christian, as for as I know church and state are separate. You can also check the DOE for their Rules and Regulations Guidelines as well.

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