Question: Get to know your Teachers

Writing a questionaire for teachers to find out there likes and dislikes for teacher appreciation events. I am having a hard time finding a generic sample online to make sure I cover all the key topics. Any ideas on questions?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Great idea. You might get the most information by asking them about favorite and least favorite teacher appreciation ideas they've experienced in the past. You might also list several possible ideas and ask them to rate the ideas from favorite to least favorite. If you're thinking of doing a food event, you might ask about food allergies/concerns. You might also ask them to rate their preference on types of appreciation: personal gifts, gifts for the classroom, personal services (like washing their cars), school services (like taking over recess duty), and group events (like a luncheon). I'd also ask them to suggest do's and don'ts for teacher appreciation.

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