Question: Auction Committee not sharing expense and profit numbers

I'm on our parent group but not on our auction committee- when our auction is done our group is very cagey about how much we make with the auction. Some have said that they numbers -i.e. expenses vs what we yielded should be public... what do you think?

Asked by McGrawMom



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I absolutely think the numbers should be public. Transparency is important when it comes to parent group finances. For one thing, sharing that information sends the message that everyone has ownership in your successes and less-than-successes. The more you make people feel like they have a stake in the group, the easier it will be to build involvement. Not sharing that information sends the message that volunteers are nothing more than workers. It's a strong step toward creating the dreaded "clique" reputation for your board. I also think sharing not just how much you make but also what that money will help fund will help you build your fundraisers in future years. Don't just give people a number; give them an idea of the tangible results the number will achieve. One more thing: Robert's Rules allows members to ask specific questions about financial activity. The IRS requires tax-exempt organizations to make certain financial information available to the public. And it's my understanding that some state laws require nonprofit organizations make financial records available to voting members.

Community Advice

manicmomma3 writes:
Very important that all fundraising activities and all cash matters be transparent in any volunteer organization. First, it prevents the appearance of mishandling and second, gives all a sense of accomplishment to see how an event turned out...just my two cents. Anything cagey re: money needs to be laid on the table.

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