Question: Board & general meeting

Does a PTO have to have a Board Meeting and a General meeting, or can we just have one big meeting?

Asked by northrdpto



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Unless you're extremely organized or don't have a lot going on, you probably should have both. Board meetings give you an opportunity to sort out details that don't need to be discussed at a general meeting and won't be interesting to most of your members. Keep in mind that people will attend general meetings who are not as committed as your officers. They may be checking you out because they have an interest in getting more involved, for example. If your general meeting is organized, well-run, and doesn't last too long, they'll get a good impression of your group and will be more likely to return. On the other hand, if you spend 2 hours discussing the upcoming auction in excruciating detail, those new people may never attend a meeting again. It's not that the discussion is unimportant, but it's too much for a general meeting. Your general meetings should last no longer than an hour.

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