Question: Removal of President

We have a President who has taken over all of PTO and not letting anyone know anything. Then leaves town without letting anyone know and leaving projects undone. There is NO Bylaws in place and she was never elected, she just took over the position. Can the board members vote her out before the school year?

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Community Advice

PTOMOM1969 writes:
If the president was not elected, she should not have the title. You need to vote in a board member. I have never heard of a person just jumping in a position without agreement from other board members. If need be, see the principal and explain the situation. Also, create bylaws before the end of the school year for the next term.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Yes, there are many different things going on here. It isn't typically for someone to just start acting as PTO president. So, as election season is upon us, it seems like a good time for this group to get back on track. As you indicate the current president is "out of town,'' you could go to the principal and see if you and a few other parents (are there any other parents interested?) could work towards holding elections for the next school year. The bylaws is a project that needs to be tackled as well. Here's an article on creating bylaws that would be a good start for you.

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