Question: Scrip programs not requiring checking account?

Our school's PTO just started last year and still is working on some of the framework to get it going, including a checking account. I'm researching what it takes to get a scrip program going, but it seems the scrip brokers require the organization have a checking account. Does anybody know any reputable scrip brokers or any way around it for a PTO without a checking account? Thanks!

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I'm curious to know what the issue is with setting up a checking account. To be honest, the bookkeeping for a scrip program is somewhat involved. The payoff can be significant, but there is risk. If your group isn't ready to set up a checking account, scrip might not be the right thing for you at this time. You should be confident that you have a solid and organized treasurer/financial system in place first, then start your scrip program.

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