Question: Re- Vote on issue

At the beginning of the year, we voted on Going Green and not sending out membership forms in the report cards. We did a connect ed call and told everyone they were 0n-line available to download. If they couldn't do that, we have available copies at the school. The last meeting, I had to leave early, and one of our members that was absent the first meeting wanted a re-vote to send out membership forms hard copy. They re-voted and decided they would. I am fine with the decision, but since this was already decided, can we vote again on the same issue? Do all the people have to be there from the first vote?

Asked by jhilse



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Yes, it's perfectly OK to vote again on the same issue. It's not uncommon that when circumstances change and new information becomes available, you might want to revisit a decision. If you want to be official, I believe Robert's Rules requires that either prior notice be given (ie the question has to be on the agenda that's publicized before the meeting) OR it has to pass by a two-thirds vote.

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