Question: Can we hire a board members family member?

Is it against PTO bylaws to hire a board member's husband to design our website?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You would need to take a look at the bylaws to see if anything is addressed about this kind of issue. If not, I would say your board should talk about this before you go ahead and hire him--make sure you have a clear understanding up front of expectations and how to resolve any conflicts should they arise. As a general rule, boards shouldn't outright avoid these situations, but they do need to be careful with them.

Community Advice

jmddmd writes:
Personally I would donate my time and the website to the PTO. As a board member I would get bids by other web developers to see who can provide the best service for the cost.

Community Advice

Michi writes:
if the job was being done for free it wouldn't worry me, but if the rate being charged is similar to other commercial rates, then I would be wary of questions being asked down the line.

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