Question: Fundraising during an evening Open House

What are some ideas that PTO members have done in the past for an evening Open House. I would like to keep it in the Fall theme.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
How about selling spiritwear (T-shirts, etc. with the school logo)? Whatever you choose, I'd recommend not making it your only--or even your primary--presence at open house. A lot of parents will be getting to know about your group for the first time. You don't want them to think you do nothing but fundraise. This is an opportunity to get people interested and let them know about all your accomplishments, as well as opportunities for them to get involved. We've seen over the years that groups have the most fundraising success when they build involvement first and foremost. The more people who get connected to your group, the more people who are likely to buy/donate when you have a fundraiser. If you can pick a fundraiser for open house that seems somewhat service oriented (like spiritwear, which to me feels like you're helping to promote the school), that could be a good way to go.

Community Advice

traceym writes:
A book fair is another idea and goes well with the open house.

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