Question: Target 1% Back to Schools

The money that is raised by the parents at your school who use their Target Red Card or Target Red Debit Card, should that go to the school directly or to the PTO?

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mum24kids writes:
Don't know that there is a right or wrong answer to that; think it depends on your school. At ours, we just have it go to the school--but we don't promote it a lot either. Some schools have limits on the number of fundraisers they can do, and they don't want to promote it, so they have it go to the parent group. Some parent groups make it an "official" fundraiser for themselves, and have the checks go to them.

Community Advice

Illinislu writes:
I am a former Target manager.... TCOE (Take Charge of Education) checks are written directly to the school. Some schools may choose to give it to the PTO whilst others may keep it for the school. But, Target (just like BoxTops) doesn't know what, if any, Parent/Teacher organizations exist at a school, so it is written to the school proper. Additionally, it is a tax deduction for Target to give to a school opposed to an organization that may or may not be a certified 501(c)3.

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