Question: Renaming Father Daughter/Mother and Son Dance

I need help with renaming the two above functions. Because the school deptment feel that we are discriminating

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Advice from PTO Today

Patty C @ PTO Today writes:
Renaming these events has become pretty common in light of mixed families and nontraditional parents at schools (i.e. grandparents/aunts etc. serving as students' custodians.) Here are a few ideas for titles you could use: Guys and Dolls Night Guys and Gals Night Me and My Guy Night or Me and My Gal Night Just the Fellas (all male/boys night) Sweethearts' Night The Prince's Ball or The Princess'/Cinderella's Ball (can be either mom or dad event) Tea for Two (generic tea party invite) Hope this helps. Have fun no matter what you call it!

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