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We are a Catholic grade school K-8. Our principal will not let us have a Facebook page. We have a page on our school's website but a faculty member has to update it. This means that it can not be updated quickly. The school also wants to limit us on linking to 3rd parties (like BoxTops, fundraising sites, etc.) One option I see is to start our own website. Has anyone done this? Is it hard? Are there good companies that sell domain names and a "frame" for a web page that is easy to use? Any advice would be great!

Asked by Irish196



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Irish 196,
Lots of parent groups have websites. I'd start off by referring you to this article on our site about starting a website and to this thread about PTO websites from our Message Boards with input from parents. Both should be helpful. Let us know how you make out and good luck!

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Lmhoch writes:
Our website easy to access and run you can view at we use vlnk. You can have multiple admins

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VolunteerX3 writes:
We also use (vlink). It's a website builder designed specifically for PTA/PTAs so it has everything we need. It's very simple to set up. Don't let the cost scare you. It has a built in option for selling Ads to your parents and/or community businesses which more than covers the cost. This year we used our excess Ad funds to buy new library books. We found it to be a one-stop solution for everything we were looking for. Now we don't have to use several different sites for different things. Like signupGenius for volunteering and another site for selling event tickets, and FB to post news, and Constant Contact for sending email. This has it all in one place.

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daddario writes:
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