Question: Fundraising

The school lost my fundraising order and don't want to take the blame there was 191.00 dollars five checks and the rest cash 88.00 to be exact. if I want the order they say to pay 33.00 dollars. why do I have to pay any thing they lost the order and my money. they just turned there back and are not doing anything.

Asked by sammy



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annamp0 writes:
A few years ago my sons Fundtaiser was "lost". I am the president of the PTO so it was very awkward fro me to deal with. The person responsible for collecting them really didn't care too much. First I checked with the people who wrote checks to see if they had cleared. Their checks hadn't and mine didn't either. I finally asked his teacher and low and behold she had a handful of students fundraisers on her desk hidden under paperwork. Couldn't hurt to ask, in a nice way of course : )

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