Question: Is PTO different from a PTG?

We are in a school where we have a PTG. I would like to know if a PTO and PTG are different? And if they are, does the PTG have any guidelines and auditing restrictions that they have to abide by?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Anon - No, the term "PTO" generally refers to independent parent groups of all types, like your PTG. The group at my kids' school is an HSA (Home & School Association), and we hear dozens and dozens of similar acronyms. There is no national set of PTO (or PTG or HSA) guidelines, except what the IRS and state law might require of a non-profit. That said, there are certainly best practices. That's a big part of what this site and all of our PTO Today resources are all about. Good luck. Tim

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Tomsgirl writes:
Thanks Tim I guess I will do a bit more digging!

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