Question: Treasurer Issue

Our President wants to take the check book home over the Christmas break to do an audit. Our treasurer says she can only have it for one day, because she (treasurer) is utlimately responsible, but both the treasurer & president are signers on the checking account. Is the treasurer right?

Asked by tracyb



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Both are being cautious, and that's a good thing. How about making copies of your check register for the president to review?

Community Advice

Rocket writes:
I think a single day for an audit is a little stingy. Making copies of the register is a good idea. A true audit will involve more than just the register though. All records including Bank statements, canceled checks and receipts should be included. I keep an exact duplicate of our register in an excel spreadsheet that is available for our executive board to view at any time. The bank statements are filed at school. I go over the top to be transparent because I don't want to be accused of anything.

Community Advice

jewel writes:
It was to my understanding that an audit can only be done by a Certified Public Accountant. An audit team can be formed at the school to view or review the books, but must include a statement and signatures of all involved including the Treasurer.

Community Advice

tmontanari writes:
You should always have 2 sets of eyes, at least, when the books are being audited. If she takes copies of the register home it's fine. I would be cautious about giving away the originals unless you keep a copy for yourself in case it is lost while out of your control.

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