Question: Need a Good Name for a Parent Only Raffle Fundraiser

Hello - We're having a fundraiser in March for parents only. In the past this has simply been called "Silent Auction", but this year we are moving away from auctions and having only raffles. The event is to be a parents night out at a local bar/restaurant, there is great raffles items, door prizes, food and drinks, a wine wall, great stuff. We just need a new name for the event. We thought of Spring Social, but March in Minnesota isn't very springy and we also have an event in the spring called Ice Cream Social, so we don't want people to be confused. Any creative people think of a great name???

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Advice from PTO Today

Patty C @ PTO Today writes:
A few names that come to mind: March Meltdown (Come melt away the winter blues!) or March Madness (Stop bouncing the walls!) . or March Mayhem… or how about the always creative header “Parents Night Out”. ; p Be sure you specify the minimum age requirement with the invite. And inquiring minds want to know, what is a wine wall?

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