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Hey guys, Next year my co-president and I would like to spruce up things abit around the old school and do different and new fundraisers. We have contacted many different companies, and currently have been with ours now for over 5 years, this is why we needed to revamp and search for new. I need to know if any of yall use Believe Kids fundraising for your groups and if so, how do you honeslty like them? Also, has anyone ever done a gift card fundraiser? If so how well do you like it?

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LauraJan1 writes:
Have you ever heard of They offer a free online shopping website that includes the same restaurant discount cards or codes by email. In addition, they sell ink and toner for your school and supporters to buy for up to 75% less than retail. I believe this is the only online fundraiser that sells it as compared with recycling. Hope this helps you.

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david writes:
You can also go to, contact Michelle for 50% going towards your school/sports team/etc.

Moms (which is mainly who kids end up selling to) love the items!!

There is 100% satisfaction guarantee as well!!

You can contact her and send people to the website with a code she can make for your particular fundraiser, take orders door to door or with friends and family members, etc.

She has a passion to help kids and the schools.

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paulettephelps writes:
We use Believe Kids for our fundraising the first of the year. They're great and they have a nice incentive program that comes with everything.

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