Question: Multi-cultural Festival

Our school is a melting pot of divesity & culture and our PTO group is contemplating on a Multicultural Festival this Spring. Please share any ideas to what we can do for the event. Thank you

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Great idea! You could have a pot luck in which people bring in traditional dishes. Hold a talent show where people demonstrate traditional song and dance, for example from their culture. Set up tables where families can display traditional items and talk about them. Have kids make posters about their culture to display at the tables or around the room.

Community Advice

hisgirl81 writes:
Our school holds a diversity day. They turn each class room into its own culture, where they have samples of food, and children researched little facts to display about the room, and they have that cultures music playing in the rooms. The children love it!

Community Advice

sqd66 writes:
Well we had International Night which was a big success. We asked families to donate traditional dessert or breads-finger food type so easy to eat. We had kids who knew different traditional dances dance at the event. I found a lot of international crafts on Oriental trading that I purchased for the event. Our gym teacher taught the kids a few dances-Hora,mexican hat dance ,and a square dance...We jam packed a lot of things so that the night was never boring but something was always being done...

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