Question: Expense of PTO Expo Event

I am interested in the PTO Expo Event, but am unable to locate Costs of attendance, itinerary, etc. Thanks!

Asked by sonflower75



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The expos are fun events that give you a chance to meet dozens of vendors who offer programs and services for PTOs and PTAs. Cost of attendance is $10 or $5 if you're a PTO Today Plus member. We're still working out the details for next spring's events—we'll be doing 11 events around the country—but you can find the list here.

We'll have more information at that link by mid-October.

Community Advice

milkbrain writes:
I went last year for the first time, and I ended up getting the buy one get one promo for admission, and the event is set up like a very large vendor event.

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