Question: Benefit Concert

Has anyone put on a Benefit concert for the school? Are PTO's allowed to do this? And exactly how much work is involved? I know its alot but was just wondering if its managable for a very small group.

Asked by Megn



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Never done it, but I know that PTOs have done it., and there aren't any IRS tax rules that prevent it. If you're going to have it on school property, check with the district to see what kind of rules might affect how you run your event. The amount of work depends on the scale. Hosting a band in the school auditorium is a lot less work than hosting an outdoor festival. I'd recommend talking with a promoter or venue owner in your area to get an idea of scope, the amount of work involved, and dos and don'ts. If there's a local club that hosts bands, the owner or manager might be able to provide some good contacts. You'll also need to talk with the town clerk's office to see what kind of permits you'll need and how much they cost.

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