Question: School store

our PTO wants to start a school store. What kind of things are sold in the store?

Asked by Amcvay



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Merriwether PTO writes:
We sell the necessities:pencils,cap erasers,pink erasers,70cnt spiral notebks,comp notebks,filler paper-seperated into 25 sht sets@.$25,3 prong folders,pocket folders,glue bottles,glue sticks,24cnt crayons,8cnt crayons,red-blk-blue ink pens,scissors,markers. we also sell novelty items:pop-a-point pencils,smencils,character spiral notebks,lead pencils,lead,seasonal pencils/pens,bk marks,feather pencils,seasonal small erasers,seasonal cap erasers,pencil toppers. most items are bought at walmart after school has been in for a couple of weeks cbecause they mark these items down for clearance. that way we can sell them later less than walmart when they go back to reg price. we alos order form geddes. our items sell for $1 of less. we even open a bx of crayons and them for 2/$.05. just whatever is school related and a little more as long as it is a good price.

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