Question: PTO Insurance Needs for activities

Our school has for a number of years provided after-school activities, hosted by the school teachers. The activities include a school newspaper, PE activities, art, crafts, etc...The parents are charged a small fee to cover the expenses. However, there is now concern that the teachers should be covered by insurance. Since it is after school hours, we are told that the teachers are not covered by the school policy. The children are covered. However, there is concern that the PTO (we sponsor the events) would be sued if someone was to be injured. This should be a concern for any event we hold. Does anyone have PTO insurance for their school? If so, what is covered and did you go to a special insurance company since the PTO is a non-for-profit group? Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Insurance is important -- we recommend that you at least carry liability and bonding insurance. PTO Today works with an insurance company to provide a policy specifically for parent groups at a discounted price. Here's a link to information about insurance in general and what's available through PTO Today: insurance for PTOs.

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