Question: Can other school groups 'borrow' our PTO tax id?

I am working on establishing our school district's 4 PTO's as one incorporated entity, and applying for tax exempt status. I've already had other school groups (ie. Odyssey of the Mind) asking if they can use the tax id I set up. My first thought is that this is a bad idea, but since I'm new at this I wanted to throw it out there.

Asked by kristypvt



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
I'm fairly positive that the answer to your headline question is no. No one can "borrow" a Tax ID. But if OOM was part of your PTO or became part of it or if your organization with IRS was more a compilation of school-support organizations (as opposed to just schoolwide PTOs), then you could maybe make a system work. But if they have own accounts and own organization and no real formal connection with your group -- I'd say no. Remind them that it's not very hard to get their own EIN. Tim

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