Question: Treasurer Problems

We have a treasurer that has held this spot for the last 8 years, no one has ever questioned this person on how she handles business. Last week our PTO was approached by one of our teachers concerned because her check from OCtober had finally deposited. This isn't the only problem the teacher had, the treasurer had crossed out the date on the check to make it current and signed the teachers initals on the check. As far as we know this is the first time this has been done. We have had complaints before on the time frame of depositing checks and it has come to our attention that cash hasn't been depostied either. What can we do to remove her from this spot? We volunteer for these positions so how do you remove a volunteer? We can't have someone changing information on a check. Please help.

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NCBeachMom writes:
Volunteers can be fired and in this case should be. Check your bylaws. The answer may be there. Also, bring the problem to the principals attention

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