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I am the President of our PTO. Everytime I ask our Treasurer to see statements or the checkbook she gets VERY upset. She say "Why don't you trust me?" I am aware that she is using someone in her family to balance the checkbook and ledger. I requested that I keep the checkbook for the summer because I will be on campus and have some purchases to make during the summer. As years past, she hasn't been accessible during the summer. She got VERY angry again and wants to know what the bylaws say about it. Help please!!

Asked by cottom7



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Basically, cottom, she's wrong to be acting this way. The books of a PTO should be, literally, an open book. It likely won't be easy and you should do everything you can to keep it from being personal, but there are several best practices that you should work with your fellow officers to get in place. The bank account statements should always be delivered to your school address and always opened and once-overed by a non check-signer. Can you propose that as a practice for your school? Blame/credit PTO Today if you'd like. Similalry, every PTO should (at least annuallyy) have someone or a small group lightly audit the books. That would be now for you guys. Finally, this is a great argument for PTO Today's Finance Manager product. With Finance Manager, all officers can have permission to go in and look at the books at any time. Good luck!

Community Advice

Cortney PTG writes:
Hello cottom! Is your name on that act? It should and if not you should get it on there so you can go get a statement yourself. You are the president, you do run the organization. And as Rockne stated, it is a public document. Is this the only argument you have w/ this person? Do other executive members have issues? What does your by laws state as far as coduct? In meetings, a copy should be given to each executive board member to look at as the treasurer gives the report. I'm not sure the reasons why the question of trust comes up. If there is nothing to hide than there sould be no issue! Good luck =)

Community Advice

MrsF212 writes:
As the new treasurer this year to our PTA - I have been working WITH the President to make sure we are crossing our t's & dotting our i's. PTAs are a not-for-profit organization & ANYONE living in your district, can request a copy of your books. EVERY Treasurer should be double checked - you start to get cross-eyed looking at those numbers & get flustered - a fresh set of eyes is ALWAYS good to have. I would be wary of why she's questioning your trust in her?! In essence, a PTA is a business & the books need to be gone over monthly w/ your treasurer to balance the bank statements. I hope this helped coming from a Tresurers position.

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