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We are looking to take vote to dismantle our PTA and become a PTO at our June meeting. Giving notice in writing 30 days in advance to PTA. I understand that spending our money in our PTA account will keep us from having to donate the money. My Board is concerned with how we spend that money. I suggested prepaying speakers for next year, prepaying for an upcoming family event and buying supplies for the family event, such as prizes for the kids. The question is, just how do we mark these purchases in our books? Do we mark it for our family event - which will be held after we dismantle our PTA and become a PTO. How do we mark this on our records? Is there a reason for concern prepaying and buying things in advance? What can I tell my BOD to keep the unrest it is creating at bay? People feel we are being dishonest with how we are spending PTA money. I have a Exec. meeting next week. I would like to be able to vote on moving forward to close our PTA and become a PTO. Esmee

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Rockne writes:
Hi Esmee - There's no reason to be dishonest, and I don't think you would be being dishonest. If the members of your PTA decide to spend their (emphasis on "their") dollars on anything at all that fits their mission -- that's 100% OK and the state PTA has no role in that. It's your money. If you take a vote and pay the bus company for all of next year's field trips -- OK. If you buy new smart boards for the school -- OK. It's your bank account, your group, etc. Is there a risk in pre-paying some things? Yes. A private bus company could go out of business, for example. Those are things you guys should discuss and decide on. You guys raised the money; it's you money; and if you spend it in ways that fit your mssion -- there isn't an ounce of trouble you could get in. Tim

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