Question: A second PTO?

Agroup in our school has decided to create a "second PTO" Although they have a reason to do so, creating a high school PTO separate from the middle school, they are a committee at this point and our bylaws must be amended to allow it. They have rushed the inherent checks and votes and have opened a separate "PTO" account and elected officers. HELP! The present board is horribly concerned about our accountabilities for any misconduct with funds on the second board or any type of liability we retain for this "wayward committee" until we can approve their launching. (Approx. 2 months to amend that portion of bylaws.)




Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Do you have any specific reasons to be worried about misconduct with funds, and what do you mean by misconduct? Theft? Or spending money in ways that don't make sense for the school? Or something different? Overall, it sounds like the train has left the station on the second PTO. If that's the case, the best thing you can do is to help them get strong financial controls in place, write a good set of bylaws, and generally put the kind of systems in place that will help the group function successfully. Since you're in the same building, it will be important that you work well together. The best way to start is to make sure this is the kind of group you'll feel comfortable working with.

Community Advice

Thank you, The concerns are everything from financial, (suggestions that PTO monies to be used to award their own children for a variety of reasons.) to just beginning this second PTO has been pushed through so quickly that it violates the bylaws already in place.(Pushed by the principal.) We feel that our hands are tied, and yet want to help, but it seems to fishy to take a step in...I'm looking to calm the nerves of the original board, so the issue could become less heated.

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