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I have an urgent question, below are the bylaws my son's PTO adopt. On last month I called to have the nominations and elections changed from May/June to April May. The Motion was approve, seconded and vote taken. Now they are claiming that in order for this to have actually changed. according to the amendment. It will need to be voted on this month. With them having already take the Vote, does this count as it being changed or must we wait one month. Elections/Nominations Procedures: By May, the PTO shall include in the Imagine Monday Folder information regarding open positions for the upcoming school year. Election of officers shall take place during the month of June in each school year The vote shall be conducted by ballot. The ballots shall be counted by three (2) non-board members who will manage the election process. Immediately following the collection of ballots, a majority vote shall be required for the officers’ election. In the event of a tie, a re-vote will occur and be completed within 7 business days. . During the course of a PTO meeting, when issues arise that require a vote of the PTO general membership the voting procedure shall be as follows; 1. Open topic for discussion 2. Motion to approve 3. Motion seconded 4. Vote taken Article 8: Amendments A. Amendments to this document may be proposed by active members of the PTO at any meeting of the PTO. B. One month after the amendment(s) has been proposed, it may be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of the PTO general membership present at the meeting.

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Craig writes:
The bylaws indicate that an amendment can't be voted on until a month after it has been proposed. So if the vote was taken at the same meeting you recommended the change, the vote would be invalid.

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