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Need help on requesting local company's to donate or sponser our Private School. We want to help save our school from closing. Thank you

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Craig writes:
How much money do you need to raise? I'd start by researching local companies to see if any might have a reason to have an affinity for your school. Is there a CEO who graduated from your school? Has a child who did well at your school? Is your school especially strong in anything? For example, if you specialize in science, look for companies involved in the sciences that might be interested in supporting what you do. Look for companies that have demonstrated in the past that they support the community. If you're looking for a significant amount of money, companies are going to want to know that it will make you stable over the long term. They won't want to donate a lot of money just to have you close halfway through next year. Also, is there anything you can offer to companies that make a significant donation? At the least, you should be prepared to create significant publicity around the donation. Can you name the science lab after the science company that makes a large donation? The bottom line is that before you contact any company, put together a presentation that shows you've done your homework and thought through some of these issues. You'll have a much better chance that way than just approaching (from their perspective) with your hand out. Good luck -- I hope it works out.

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