Question: Program for Keeping Books

Our PTO Treasure basically kept a Excel Spreadsheet for our books. Shouldn't we be using a program like Quicken or something with a little more detail?

Asked by tracyb



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It's possible to keep the books on a spreadsheet, but there are a lot better methods. Quicken is certainly easier to use. More important, even if your current treasurer is perfectly comfortable with the spreadsheet system, something like Quicken is easier to understand and use when a new treasurer steps in, others want to look over the books (for a year-end review, for instance), or someone else needs to fill in unexpectedly. I should also mention that PTO Today offers a system specifically designed for PTOs and PTAs called Finance Manager. I do think your treasurer should switch to a less cumbersome system, especially if the board is not getting the detail it needs from the current system.

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