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Can a parent request a financial report from the PTO Board if they are concerned about spending of the money in the school. And if they do provide a copy does it have to be in the presense of a meeting called or can they just give the parent a copy. I was given a copy last year when asked, but new board this year and they tell me they have to meet and discuss it with me. Sounds fishy and like something is being hidden.

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Ford writes:
I have been on a PTO board for over two years. We hold a very tight organization and everything we do is in the best interest of our Children, education of our children and campus enhancements. We always provide a financial report to parents at meetings and also to our principal. We would never not provide a copy of our PTO financial report. Our money raised comes from our parent involvement so why not provide a financial statement on how their money is being spent. You should never disclose anything you do, it will only look suspicious!

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PTOMOM1969 writes:
Parents can request a copy of any PTO records, such as financial reports, meeting minutes, and budget proposals. The P in PTO stands for Parent, and parents are the ones who volunteer their time as well as financially support the PTO. There should be no reason for any information to not be disclosed, whether you are at a meeting or a copy is sent home with your child, or mailed to your home. If you request a report and there is resistance in it being released, go to your school administration office and report this. There could be a reason the information is not being given to you and may need to be investigated. Good luck to you.

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Rose H writes:
Hi! PTOMOM1969 and Ford have said it well. Groups typically provide financial information on a routine basis. There's a chance the new board you are now working with may not be aware of this.

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