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Master's Class assignment: You are the principal of a middle school. Your PTO/PTA have been over stepping their boundries in the classroom, being critical of teachers and methods publicly. How would you address the situation? How would you like to be addressed if it were you?

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Craig writes:
Short answer: with professionalism and respect on both sides. Principals and parent group leaders often come at issues from different angles, but it's important for both to remember that they are working toward the same goal: providing the best possible educational experience for the children. In this particular case I would expect the principal to speak privately with the parent group president and explain his concern and the reasons these particular actions are creating a problem. Together they can discuss a solution. The president can help decide whether the most effective action will be to communicate the principal's concern to the group as a whole, have the principal communicate with the group directly, or to speak to the people involved individually, etc. The actual solution will depend on how widespread the problem is and other factors, and it will have to provide parents with a private rather than public avenue for expressing their concerns. But the key is to work together toward a solution.

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