Question: Form for a one time funding for individual child for fieldtrip

Does anyone have a form for children who need assistance for funding a school field trip? We have a family who wasn't able to participate in the fundraiser due to a family member in the hospital for quite some time. The fundraiser was to help subsidize the cost of a field trip. The parent came to us asking if PTO could fund the student as medical bills and finances have been hard on the family. Just looking for an official letter to share and present to our PTO group and to have filed with our treasurer on the use of our spending.

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CMay2CK writes:
Sorry, I'm no help. Here in CA, a child cannot be left behind if he/she cannot pay the field trip price. We have to carefully word our flyers/permission slips to clearly state that "donations" are accepted, appreciated, but not required. I would look in to your state's laws first. It may be that this child (and any others like him) has to have field trips funded by the school regardless of participation in fundraisers.

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