Question: Tax 990-EZ - Contributions vs Fundraising vs Program Activites

I have downloaded the Line by Line Instructions for the 990-EZ with a date of 2008 - are these instructions current for 2009? We are struggling with how to report our revenue. What is the difference between Contributions (Line 1) and Fundraising (Line 6a), Other Revenue (Line 8) and Other Expenses (Line 16) - Program Activity. If the instructions are current I can use those defniitions; reading the IRS instructions are confusing and seem to overlap. Any help is appreciated.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Here's a link to form 990ez for the 2009 tax year. First of all, make sure you need to file the 990ez. If your total revenue was under $25,000, you can file form 990n, which is much simpler. For the 2010 tax year, you'll be able to file 990n if your revenue is under $50,000. Contributions are direct donations. Fundraising is any activity you engage in to raise money (products sales, fun run, etc.) Other revenue is revenue from any other source, which for most groups will be none. Keep in mind that this form is meant for a wide range of charities, many of them much larger than a PTO. A lot of the questions don't apply.

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