Question: 2 secretaries

Was wondering if any other PTo's have 2 secretaries? The only thing ours seem s2 do is take the minutes. When it comes to donation requests, thank you letters etc the President comes to me. I am fairly good with signs w/ clip art and format painting, so once again she comes to me. Any such thing as 2 secretaries?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
It's not uncommon to have a recording secretary who takes meeting minutes and a corresponding secretary who handles communications, the newsletter, etc. Sounds like you have the job without the title!

Community Advice

Jamiealbrecht writes:
We have co-secretaries, but it sounds like you are doing what a few members of our PTO do. Hospitality takes care of Thank You's, the Vice President takes care of donations and communications if we do not have a desinated communications person. You should bring up at your next meeting that you have been taking care of these items and don't mind doing so, but would like to take on the committee for communications. If you do not wish to continue doing these things just let your President know when asked to perform those duties that you would rather direct your time to another activity.

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