Question: Current Exec. Board retiring

The current Exec Board is retireing at the end of this school year. What happens to the PTO if no one is interested in running to the vacant offices? What happens to the cash reserves?

Asked by Henderson



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi, It's a challenging time when no one appears to be stepping up to take on a board position. Are you concerned that without any officers, the PTO might cease to exist? That doesn't have to be the case. Could there be options for your group such as job sharing so two or more volunteers could divvy up executive board duties? Also, you may want to seek help from one of the retiring board members. Would it be possible for one of them to stay on in an advisory capacity to help the group? Some of the official roles can remain vacant as long as there are volunteers handling tasks and some form of decision-making process is in place. As far as cash reserves are concerned, if the funds need to be dispersed, you could consider donating the money to the school.

Community Advice

cassi9879 writes:
We're about to run into this ourselves and aren't sure how it'll end up. Most of us are moving on to the middle school. Nobody outside the regular volunteer base is stepping up to do anything.

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