Question: Need Class Gift for graduating 8th graders!

Our PTO orders t-shirts and pennants every year for the graduating 8th grade class. The t-shirts are school colors, with a simple logo and the students sign a template that will go on the back of the shirt. This year we decided to go with a new local company in order to promote local business. The shirts were needed by tomorrow (May 20th) for the students to wear on their class trip. The shirts came into the school either Tues/Wed. Names are misspelled and the names are too small to read on the back. The company offered to fix them but they won't be ready until the end of next week at the earliest and the students graduate on the 25th. So, we've decided to return them but we feel bad about the kids not getting their shirts. We need help coming up with something else to give the kids that we can have done by the 25th of next week. Please Help!!

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Craig writes:
Sorry we didn't come up with an answer for you, but we're wondering how you solved the problem. What did you end up with?

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