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I recently took over an organization and have started reqeusting donations for my event I am having and most places are asking for my Tax ID number. I have entered the number given to me and on all my paperwork, but places like Disney and Keurig say there is no such number. Any suggestions I would love to offer prizes for my event from these two companys

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Craig writes:
They are correct, there's no such thing as a tax ID number -- at least one that shows your organization is nonprofit and tax-exempt. The number people often refer to as "tax ID" is officially known as Employer Identification Number. It's issued by the IRS to any new business (for profit or nonprofit) that applies. It's the rough equivalent of a social security number for businesses. In order to be tax exempt, you must file with the IRS to be declared a 501c3 (the typical classification for PTOs) public charity. When you do this, you get a letter from the IRS but no number. For more information, read the article 501c3 for PTOs. I think you'll find it helpful.

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Jcaldog writes:
Thank you so much for the information!

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