Question: Do we need to file for 501(c)3 status independently from the District?

Currently our PTO doesn't have our own EIN/W9( or 501(c)3 status. I've been told that we can use the districts but then other people say any monies raised has to be deposited into the districts account and not ours. A year ago the bank where we had our account was audited and they froze our account because we were using the district status but deposited funds into our own account. Somehow it got released but I don't have the details. We cant do a lot of the fundraisers we want to because we don't have a W9 to provide to them. A school board member told me to hold off filing for status because she wants the Superintendent of Schools to decide if all the PTO's should be under the district or have separate status. I'm so confused at this point I don't know what legally we should do.

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CherylB writes:
Parent groups other than PTA's are independent groups and governed by the groups bylaws. Applying for an EIN is easy and free you can apply on line and receive your number immediately. We then suggest that you incorporate and then become a 501c3 group. Here are some links that will be helpful you may want to look at our Start-up Guide it hand holds you through the process

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