Question: parent volunteers

how do we get more parents to be involved with pto

Asked by Kathy



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hello writes:
When you need them for an event or activity, email the list you have from requests for help at Open House. You may need to email several times. Talk it up among friends, with Room Parents and ask the principal and teachers to mention PTO activities in class emails and newsletters to parents.

Community Advice

Followme writes:
i firmly believe that the answer here is complicated yet managable. first, recognize that not everyone wants to be part of count some of your population out from the very beginning. next, plan early and often. next, dont over load your plate, balance it with a few home runs and a few fillers. last, be the face of your pto everwhere you go. build a network slowly and intentionally and soon enough eveyone is going to want to be part of the fun becuase they will see that being on the sidelines is not fun for them or thir child! Make new friends, make new volunteers :0)

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