Question: Error in Treasurer Report

As my PTA is preparing for their end of year audit an error was found in the Treasurer's Report for one of our committees. The error is for about $6000. Apparently, expenses from one month were not carry over correctly. This error cost the PTA $6000 because the committee spent money that they really did not have to spend. Is there anything can be done now? Is there anything that can be done to the Treasurer to hold her accountable for her carelessness?

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Followme writes:
i would assume no as it is a volunteer position, but lesson learned here....that is why she reports in each month with sure to follow along and everyone should stop and ask questions when the numbers dont add up. i am sorry for your loss. that is indeed a lot of money.

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Wright writes:
I agree with followme, sorry that this occurred, but she was in a volunteer position. Perhaps your group should have a treasurer and a financial secretary. It helps so that maybe something of this nature would never happen again. Is your group insured? Maybe your auditor or insurance company agent can give you some advice also as how to handle this. Hope you're able to retrieve something if not all.

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