Question: Electing Officers for new PTO

I was asked by our Principal to become the President of a PTO she wanted me to start. I am very involved in the school, and did not have a problem with this. We have an upcoming meeting in which all other officers will need to be elected. How is this done? Does someone nominate a person? Is it better to vote by a show of hands (I don't want anyone offended, but know this will happen sometimes) or should votes be cast on paper? Are they counted then and there and officers announced? I have so many questions because I am new to this. Please help! Thanks!

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Yes, you need nominations, and voting (if a position is contested) is done by paper ballot. You should have at least two people with no particular interest in the election count the ballots (ie people who aren't running for office or ardent supporters of someone running). Check out our PTO Officer Election FAQs for more answers and more details. Good luck!

Community Advice

seansarah writes:
If you are the only one for the postion, you can do a yes/no vote. If there are multiple candidates, then do a vote by paper. If the principal asked you personally, then you have a tightrope to walk. If you know the other board members well, you can probably resolve it by asking is she/he would like to co with you or if they would like to do another position.

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