Question: Probs with PTO Pres

Our PTO Pres. just holds a brief meeting once a month. I have a lot of questions, but she is vague with answers, and doesn't seem to want to be bothered. I'm concerned about the balance in our budget - why it's so high, where will the money go, why don't we have votes on anything, why we don't take minutes, etc. etc. I'm very concerned about this group and what she's trying to do with it. Can anyone give advice please?

Asked by c00kiemomma



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
H cookiemomma!
Sounds like the current PTO board isn't providing much information at all. Does the group have monthly meetings? If so, is it attended by the full board? It should be (or at least as often as possible). The treasurer should be at those meetings to give the group a basic update on finances…not every last detail, but the big picture on money coming in and going out. The secretary should be taking minutes at each meeting. So, if none of this is happening, the question is why? Has this president been in the job for a long time? If so, maybe he or she is just phoning it in and not caring much. One possibility is to ask for a copy of the bylaws and see if they need to be updated. It is a good way to get a discussion going at a meeting about who is supposed to be doing what and it may get you a response (finally) from the president.


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