Question: Missing Fundraiser orders, what is PTO's responsibility?

Our PTO held our annual catalog fundraiser and when orders came in, 6 parents came to pick up their child's order and we had no record of it. After investigating, it sounds like between the classroom and front office the orders were lost, misplaced or stolen. PTO never received or processed these orders. None of the checks from the missing orders have been cashed, but some did include cash. We have been in contact with the parents and most seem ok with PTO covering any bank fees that they may incur from stopping payment on the missing checks. But one parent is insisting we give her money to pay people back, but she has no receipt of her original order. Are we supposed to just hand out money according to what people say they turned in?? Help!

Asked by ddelsan



Community Advice

firefighter464 writes:
In society at large, you need proof. PTO is no different. Don't be bullied. Remain calm and professional. Simply tell the parent that unless she can show you any form of proof of what she turned in, she's outta luck. Compare it to putting cash into the mail. Only a fool does that, she needs to accept that in this case she was foolish not to keep a record. I know that with every popcorn sale for scouts or submission I make to BoxTops I keep a photocopy. Her bad, not yours. Don't feel guilty.

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